Dymax Will Exhibit Light-Curing Technology at the MD&M West 2024 Trade Show

Light-Curable Solutions for Medical Device Assembly Will be on Display

Torrington, Connecticut – January 23, 2024... Dymax, a leading manufacturer of rapid and light-curing materials and equipment, will exhibit at Informa's IME West 2024 trade show in Anaheim, CA, from February 6 to 8. Dymax will be in Hall D, Booth 2101 of the MD&M West portion of the expo, where they will present their latest cutting-edge light-curing products and technologies.

Along with Dymax's trusted portfolio of MD® medical device adhesives, new HLC™ Hybrid Light Curable technology will be featured, which enables curing in light and darkness with either UV/Visible light or a combination of UV/Visible light and contact/moisture. Design engineers will also be interested in the 2000-MW product line for medical wearables formulated without materials of concern for safer use when in proximity to the skin.

Dymax specialists with a wealth of light-curing expertise will be available to discuss and demonstrate key products and technologies unique to the company. Featured materials include 1040-M adhesive and coating for durable protection during multiple autoclave cycles, 1172-M-UR moisture-resistant adhesive for in vitro diagnostic device assembly, and the 215-CTH series of catheter bonding adhesives engineered for reliability.

A selection of the company's latest broad-spectrum and LED light-curing equipment will be on hand, including the BlueWave® QX4 V2.0 LED spot-curing system that offers users high-intensity cures, flexibility, and compact size. To demonstrate HLC™ adhesives, a curing station comprised of a BlueWave® AX-550 (405 nm) flood lamp, mini pressure pot, and pen dispenser will be shown. For fully integrated solutions, the Dymax RotoSpense 360 offers efficient, precise one-handed dispensing and reduces scrap from failed bonds and wasted adhesive.

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